Why You Should Own A Website

The world is on the internet. Almost everything is now done on the internet – socialisation, knowledge, even business etc. This is why you need to put your business on the internet. A website can be likened to an online space dedicated to your business. You could call it an online office or shop.

Here are other reasons why your business needs a website:

1. You target a wider market: You get the opportunity to introduce your products to the billions surfing the internet daily.

2. Cheaper than Advertising: If you’re going to consider the cost of advertising, you’d find out it’s cheaper to have your own avenue for advertising than having to pay another website to squeeze in your product in their page.

3. Accessibility: Unlike your 9 – 5, 5 days a week office, your website is available round the clock.

4. Business Expansion: Having your own website is opening up another branch – one that is not by geographical limits.

5. Communication: A website isn’t just for sales. It is a tool for communication. It helps build integrity with your audience.

Making Your Website Work

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What does it mean to make your website work?

You are probably reading this because you have a website and of course you want to improve it to make it work better for you. It could mean having more sales as an e-commerce website, or more relevant email capturing for marketing as a basic business website. Whatever specifies a working website for you, here are the things you should consider.

What do you want to achieve?
Stating clearly what you want your website to do for you helps you and your team have a focus and channeling your strength towards achieving those goals. Whatever your website is all about, you probably want to maximize profit or reduce cost.

For Instance. A Non-Profit Organization would want to create awareness with their website. Maybe you are a student, you want people to know about what you are learning, what you care about, what you are currently working on. Which helps hiring managers take you relevant and reach you through your website content.

Tracking your achievements.
A clearly stated goals can be tracked and analysed to help you determine what is working and what is not. With good implementation of analytic tools, you can get numbers of visitors, how long they stays, and page clicks.

This gives you an overview of what is working and what is not. Helping you focus on what matters to you.

Aligning your content to market
Your content of course has to be relevant and unique to your business, but you don’t want to publish a free content that does not align to your market. This helps users take specific actions on your website. For example, a read more button or link.

Converting Visitors to customer.
Having great content is never enough without encouraging your audience to take profitable action on your website. A call to action like Buy Now, Take a Free Trial, Book a Demo which should be compelling and easy to use.

A user who landed on your website from your social media page is probably interested in your product, such user seeing a call to action just at the top of the page might be great. Having it just below your content again might be cook for the one has already digested your content. So, depending on where your best traffic comes from.

Updating your content.
Keeping your users updated with fresh contents that meets their needs is very important. Good Website solutions will give you the opportunity to manage your website content, so you can always keep your users up to date.

Designs that meets users expectations.
The bet is, your audience also visits other website especially social sites which gives them expectations about what a standard and updated website should look like. Still, you don’t want to deviate from the point and cause a distraction with the beautiful designs.

Arranging contents from audience perspective.
Your technical, business or organisation’s arrangements are  great for in-house planning. Representation of this in such that your audience wouldn’t have issues relating to the technical jargon. Don’t forget they visits other websites and have expectations on this as well. Getting relevant information is what users really care about, don’t make them hunt for it.

Having all these implemented well would do more than displaying your business contents online but to also help your website work great as a marketing tool giving awesome returns for the investment you have made on it. So, you will agree that having a website is not enough, but putting measures in place to help your website work is vital for growth.

If you are considering re-designing your website or getting a new one that will really work without breaking your budget. A package like Smart Business Network that caters for building website that work for businesses is your best bet.

You can subscribe for mini packages that suit your business need or a full package that constantly check what your business need to get to the next level

How To Grow Your Business In A Recession

Whenever a country goes through an economic recession, most businesses focus on enduring rather than figure out how they can make the most of the situation.

“We can’t be in survival mode. We have to be in growth mode” – Jeff Bezos.

Here are a few ways you could grow your business:

  1. Focus on Quality: Do not tamper with the value of your product in a bid to make more money.
  2. Adapt your product to the economy: If your consumers can no longer afford bottles, adopt sachets. If they can’t afford paper bags, adopt plastic bags.
  3. Use Social Media Tools
  4. Priortize on your expenses.
  5. Stay away from profit-eating sales.

to be continued…